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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Near with HIM

"Just one thing: Forgetting what lies behind but straining forward to what lies ahead, I continue my pursuit toward the goal, the prize of God's upward calling, in Christ Jesus"

-Philippians 3:13-14

It was the day which I'm bound to be near with him. I can't be assured if I am ready to step-up but I am much willing to try. It was an exciting experience in my life that I must overcome my weaknesses and fears. Together with my YFC family we witnessed the overflowing power which GOD secured. A thousand youth was there to proclaim on how they are ready to step up for christ.

The 16th ILC 09' (International Leadership Conference) was such a blessing for me. I was way extreme that finally I can worship for him and together with a bunch of youth. Aaaaah! na-excite ko! haha. The Conference lasted for 3 days and I am sure with that 3 days something changed me and my ego (EVENTUALLY:]) I am trying pa more. During the sessions I was so eager to listen and try to relate it para at least maka feel on what they feel. I was a bit sleepy but I finished it. Except for the party part that I gave up and sleep (zZzZz)...sarap! haha. I love the praisejam! wo0o0oho0o0! jam!jam!jam! clapping! talon! sing! shout! sayaw! everything! haha. Power jud! The songs might not be too familiar (for me,but other songs lang) but still I sing out loud (bahala wrong lyrics) and when they play a song na I know well, superrr kanta jud! haha. sayaw2 effect pa!:) labett. I was so HYPER. Bahala na. haha, It's all for him and that's what matters. Sus Ginoo! Ehlad! Anyways, I am thankful ni God kay naka join jud ang dili unta maka join. It was a miracle kay 5 of my ka-YFC can't join because Walk-in lang sila and dili na pwede ang mga walk-in's daw. But on the day of the event many back out (I don't know taga where) but many daw. So our cluster head called the 5 and said they can join the conference. Yipeee! daghan nami! Miracle right? God made it thrilling but lastly gratifying! hahays. Everything has a reason jud. AMEN! I put my hands for GOD and praise for him. I will learn to forget and focus and start handle things in a mature way. Wow! haha. Change is not a thing that can be done for 24 hours but it takes time. I will take that time and I will learn from it. I will never regret the things I've done but I will just think that it's a lesson to be learned. Praise GOD!

Next ILC will be on BAGUIO!!! Hope I can save up so I can go!!!:)) brothers and sisters see you again!!!

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