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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not your typical Vacation

I was inspired to make a blog. Oh yes I was. I never appreciate blogs before not until now. I'm still trying and practicing, but I think I can catch things up and learn fast:) though I'm not such a so-called "Fast Learner" HAHA! But trust me... I can always comprehend.

nuff' bout that.
aryt now,HEY!

can you smell what I am smelling?
coz' I am smelling (SUH-ME-LINNNN')
something Oomph! ooooh! aha!

bet your wondering.


It's just the summer breeze that goes out through my window and whispers me...
"Pssst:] SUMMER nah! what's your plan?!"

hey, didn't bother thinking about that!
what is it manjud?!
argh! boring-ness is the only thing I can be at this moment of time.
The Boredom!!! watta torture. But to think I would rather stay at home than having summer classes and listen to boring discussions which is far from the world and which cannot be digested in my BRAIN!


anyways,how about I share my daily AKTIBIDADES in my summer which leaves you to comment as too boring,too lame,too simple,too fun(?),too nomal...or too whatsoever. ;)

Here are my daily AKTIBIDADES in my summer VACATION 09':

1.) when I wake up I make bed and check my computer. (YM!!! & FB)

2.) then go down stairs and see what I can munch on (wala diay to'y food) :(

3.) Eventually tidy myself up (Blah-blah-blah)

4.) watch DVD's (first on my list: Slumdog millionaire,Yes Man,Blue Crush,Kung fu Hustler...ETC)

*sometimes I dont watch DVD's just plain TV drama and check if I can feel the emotion:'C or TV sitcoms that can help me burst laughing:D

5.) clean.clean.clean (which I am meticulous with) NAKS!

6.) NET again :] yebah!

7.) read the book I borrowed from my cousin entitled "NEW MOON"

8.) do something dumb ;/

9.) do something normal; like EATING

10.) It's either __WATCH TV/DVD's,YM, or Y8


This may be tedious but I'm getting used to it and kinda LOVING it.
Yeah Beybeh!


Maybe your summer is kinda wonderful because you get to go anywhere but for me nothing beats the atmosphere of your home sweetest home, and plus you can't spend a single penny. [Except for your parents who is in-charge of the BILLS with the utilities you are using to give you PLEASURE] sooo sorry:) HAHA! but sooo THANK YOU!

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