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Friday, May 22, 2009

Back Again

I am so HAPPY that my brother is now okaaay. For the past 2 days I was living my life in a room with no such life. YAH, no life. NO TV and NO COMPUTER. Now answer me, how can I live in that kind of life? HELL NO. But I'm just thankful that everything is under control and back to normal. let's clap for that! (clap! clap! clap!)...

Now I'm back to my simple routine. BORING as it may sound but I'm used to it. Whatever routine I'm having don't try asking. Ugh! Karma Down in Plurk, Nilalangaw na pet ko sa Pet Society, My money went down from 33million to 23million sa Fashion Wars, and many more. That's why I hate to be outdated! leche! :)) But cge nalang It's better na mag level down kaysa losing someone important. DIBUHHH?...

I had fun naman staying at the hospital though uncomfortability has it's best. Nevertheless I enjoyed having the opportunity to SEE cute medtechs and nurses. KAWAII!!! TSK,TSK,TSK. *evil grin*

Before we went home we made sure magka bonding kami (whole family). So we bought 3 boxes of PIZZA!!! SUPERB! Grabe! The pizza was like 14" inches long with lots of toppings and stuff. AGHHHH! But I forgot the name of the pizzeria. :( cge next time i-research ko. HAHAHA:]]

WOW. What a day!
out from the hospital+pizza with family= living the "LIFE"


wow nosebleed!

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