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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Turning Japanese^^

Japanese stuff has always been my interest. The language, anime, people, fashion, art, culture , food and so many more. It has always been a part of me as a person. Now that japanese craze has arise and many already took it as an fad and interest, happy to say I am very enthusiastic on writing about it. The "kawaii-ness" of Japanese Fashion is really a turn-on nowadays. If you're familiar with Gwen Stefani's video from the "Love.Angel.Music.Baby" album you can notice that she has 4 backup dancers which are called the Harajuku Girls. Harajuku is a place in Japan where young people dress-up in different styles which is also very unique. Some styles include cosplays, gothic lolita, sweet lolita, visual kei, classic lolita, ganguro, kogals and dot.dot.dot...


Cosplayers (costume players) in the Philippines are already famous for their "change-of-aura" when they execute as other person. It could be from an anime character, or change of gender or anything as long as you turn into a different being. Names like Nejin Joson and Alodia Gosiengfiao are some of the best cosplayers that we filipinos are proud of.


Japan is not only famous for their High-Technology but also famous for their world of ANIME.
I myself is a self-proclaimed ADDICT. Name it and I might be familiar with it(hahaha). Mostly anime's were inspired from "Manga's" (Japanese Comics) like Fruitsbasket, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (The Wallflower), Death Note, Dragon Ball, Hana Yori Dango, Slum Dunk...
I can say that Japanese are truly artistic and for that I adore them to death.

Due to boredom I made myself study basic japanese words that are useful. These words are scanned from the net and I was so ecstatic about it. Mostly are taken from the "100 most essential words in anime" by: David Soler and some were taught by my friends.

let me share some of my knowledge:

Itadakimasu- said before meals
Aishite Imasu- I love you
Yaoi- Boys love
Sensei- Teacher
Yoi Yume O- Sweet Dreams
Kirei- Pretty
Kowai- Scary
Kawaii- Cute
Sugoi- Amazing
Chibi- Small
Fuzakeru- Fooling around
Tanoshii- Fun
Suki Da- I like you
Baka- Idiot
Dame- Bad
Shitsukoi- Pain in the ass
Shinanaide- Don't die
Nanika Atta- What's up?
Ursai- Shut up
Kodomo- Child
Chikara- Strength
Gaki- Immature
Hidoi- Harsh
Hayai- Quick
Oyasuminasai- Goodnight
Gambaru/Gambatte- Don't give up
Yoshi- All right!
Uragirimono- Traitor
Itai- Painful
Kamawanai- I don't care
Kareshi- Boyfriend
Kanojo- Girlfriend
Mou- Geez
Nakama- Close friend
Ryoukai- Message received & understood!
Yakusoku- Promise
Uwasa- Rumor

Can't Get Enough? Try Visiting: http://users.tmok.com/~tumble/amfaqs/101glos.html for more words to learn.

Oh! Sweet Japan! I want my Cherry Blossoms! :]]] Sooner or later I will go to Japan and witness the wonderful-ness of it :-) So much to love, so much to enjoy. JAPAN! JAPAN! JAPAN!

I wonder If you know how they live in tokyo If you see me then you mean it then you know you have to go...FAST AND FURIOUUUUUS!

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